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Here at Oh for Goodness Cakes, I love to create exciting flavor combinations, because your cake should be as delicious as it is beautiful. While there is nothing wrong with a classic vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream, there are endless combinations to make your custom cake memorable.

So let's get creative and choose a flavor combination that will wow your guests.

Classic Vanilla 
Belgian Chocolate 
Black Cocoa Chocolate 
Lemon Scented White
French Almond  
Pink Champagne 
Raspberry Velvet 

Apple or Pumpkin Spice

       Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Cookies 'n Cream 
Peanut Butter 

  Other Fillings/Additions
Whipped Cream Cheese
White Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
Lightened Pastry Cream 

Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream
Raspberry or Strawberry Jam 

Lemon Curd 
Salted Caramel 
Chocolate Chips
Biscoff Cookie Butter
Cranberry Cherry Compote


Just a few flavor combinations to inspire you

Fruit and Vanilla Classic vanilla cake brushed with Amaretto syrup, layered with raspberry or strawberry preserves and filled with silky vanilla buttercream.

Ultimate Chocolate Ultra rich Belgian chocolate cake with a layer of rich ganache and filled with either chocolate buttercream or chocolate pastry cream. Add Kahlua, Amaretto or Frangelico for an even more indulgent treat!

Wedding White  Soft white cake with a ribbon of brandied apricot preserves and filled with almond buttercream.

Nutty Black and White Two layers of vanilla cake and one layer of chocolate cake, brushed with Amaretto syrup and filled with Amaretto ganache and toasted almond buttercream.

Cookies and Cream Your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake layered with crushed Oreos in ganache and crushed Oreo buttercream.

Funfetti for the kid in everyone! Sprinkles baked right into vanilla cake and layered with your choice of buttercream flavor, or color the buttercream for even more fun!

Cafe Latte Ultra rich Belgian chocolate cake brushed with Kahlua, layered with Kahlua ganache and mocha buttercream.

Spiked Red Velvet The most delicious light cocoa red cake filled with Bourbon cream cheese frosting.

Raspberry Velvet A beautiful dark pink raspberry flavored cake is moist and so delicious paired with Bourbon cream cheese frosting, just might end up being your favorite cake ever!

Rainbow Delight You can literally eat a rainbow with this multi layered vanilla cake in a rainbow of colors!

24K Cake The most perfect carrot cake containing raisins, toasted walnuts and pineapple pairs so well with Bourbon cream cheese frosting. You'll wish you had ordered a larger cake!

Lemon Truffle Lemon scented white cake brushed with Limoncello syrup filled with a layer of freshly made sweet tart lemon curd and two layers of lemon curd cream cheese filling.

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