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Oh for Goodness Cakes

Amy Lung, Pastry Chef

My family and I have recently relocated to beautiful Hunterdon County and couldn't be happier! We love it here!    With a background in art and a passion for perfection, the essence of your special event is captured in cake and is approached with great attention to detail. Each cake is a stunning work of art and a memorable addition to your event.



How do I order a cake from you?

You may fill out the contact form on the website, email me at or call me at 484-201-6206. I prefer email as I am usually up to my elbows in cake batter or buttercream during the day and can't answer the phone. I will email you or call you as soon as I can.

When can I schedule my consultation?

Once you have paid your booking fee of $200 to reserve your wedding date, consultations and tastings are always free. Please email me to arrange a mutually convenient consultation. I encourage you to bring items of inspiration to our meeting. Pictures, color swatches and lace details are all great items for inspiration. These items allow me to learn more about your vision.

What if I want to taste your cakes?

An in person tasting and design consultation is $100, for 2 people. You may opt to order a taster box instead which includes several different flavors of cake for you to taste at your convenience. These boxes will contain flavors of my choosing and are a great inexpensive way to decide on your favorites. These boxes are offered twice a year. If you have already booked your wedding with me and paid the booking fee, tastings and consultations are included in that price.

How far in advance should I order my cake?

Each cake is custom made for your event, therefore, all decor is handmade for your cake. Sugar work takes time to make and dry, so please order well in advance of your event date, at least four to six weeks. I only accept a limited number of cakes each week so that each customer gets my full attention. A booking fee of $200 is required for large cakes and wedding cakes.

I'm having an outdoor event. Can the cake sit out in the heat?

Cake and buttercream do not like the heat! My frostings and fillings are made with real butter and whole ingredients. There are no preservatives or stabilizers used, at all. The heat will melt your cake and the icing may literally slide right off the sides! Please be aware that if you hold an outdoor event, with temperatures above 72 F, I cannot be responsible for the cake or cupcakes. You will also have to assume liability for foul weather of any kind, rain or cold.

What if I have food allergies?

I do offer gluten friendly, vegan or dairy free cakes. Although the kitchen is shared, I do my very best to avoid cross contamination with gluten. I will bake and decorate your cake on a day when I don't bake or decorate a traditional cake. If you have life threatening allergies, I do suggest you look for a certified gluten free or nut free bakery.

How much do your cakes cost?

There are many variables when it comes to setting a price for custom cakes - the complexity of the design, the number of servings, the flavors and fillings, among other things. Because each cake is custom designed for you and tailored to your requests, there is no set price for my cakes. Each cake is individually quoted based upon your request. Cakes start at $125. 

Do you deliver cakes?

Yes, I do deliver. The delivery fee will be determined by the address of the venue. Each cake will be boxed and carefully delivered to your venue. I always travel with a touch up kit so that I can put the finishing touches on after set up. You may opt to pick up the cake yourself and the cake will be boxed for travel, but you are then responsible for set up.

Will you put fresh flowers on the cake?

I will arrange fresh flowers on the cake if that is part of the design. I always wrap the flower stems before applying to the cake in order to prevent contamination from the flowers.

Can I stop by to pick up some cupcakes?

My cake studio is by appointment only. I do not have cupcakes or any baked goods for sale.

Where are you located?

I am located in Whitehouse Station NJ.  Please make an appointment to meet with me.

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